Formed by songwriters Kelly Thompson and Kate Komuniecki, the pair added bassist Jon Zenz and officially became piano, bass, and drums trio Violent Bloom on Record Store Day in 2016. Violent Bloom is powerfully emotive chamber pop with intensely personal lyrics. Kelly and Kate are known for switching between piano and drums halfway through each set.

2017 saw the group's first EP in July, "Seven Sinners," and full-length release, "Dark Minuet." The album was made partial in part from an Accelerator Grant from the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. In 2018 the trio released their second EP “Not Any Thing” and after playing extensively throughout the midwest region, they are currently recording and mixing their second full-length release, “Anemone.”

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Their specialty is subtlety. Expressive basslines weave and wave above minimalist percussive arrangements that are nevertheless effectively-swaying and pulsing; but that bass rhythm is like the sonic oreo cream, above the supportive drums but humming beneath the intricate piano and lead vocals.
— Jeff Milo, Deep Cutz Music